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Musical Chairs: “She’s got super-power lovin'”

2012 September 27

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Super Sexy Woman – Sufjan Stevens

A far cry from the dulcet tones of Seven Swans (and this was well before the madness of The Age of Adz) – this is Sufjan Stevens’ description of a ‘super sexy woman’.


But then that’s the weird thing – she’s ‘super-duper smart’, complete with ‘super-power lovin’ and ‘superhuman thighs’. This is also a woman who ‘shoots a super fart (the deadly silent kind)’ and has super-powered lips for ‘super suction’. Perhaps conveniently, she also has ‘super-powered hips (for super reproduction’). Not just for reproduction, though – she also wears spandex underwear – and to me this has always felt like a glorious hymn to a woman in all her flawed and genuine glory.

And it’s funny.

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