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In a nutshell, we’re a group of friends – of a variety of genders – based in the UK. Most of us are varying levels of geeky in one form or another.

That’s about it, really. We can’t claim to speak for all of feminism (or all of anybody) but we like nattering about gender, pop culture, and the internet, so here we are.

We try to be welcoming to readers still dipping their toe into this whole “feminist outlook” business. We think feminism’s bad reputation in large sections of the media (or your local pub) these days is irksome, and we can’t be doing with it.

We dig:

  • making you think about gender and equality issues, and how they interact with pop culture, over your Monday morning coffee break
  • recommending media we like
  • nerding out about ‘geek media’ things like comics and cult TV, but also history, art, theatre, and things we happen to be nerdy about, most of which we believe can have feminist perspectives applied to them, with interesting results
  • challenging a number of popular stereotypes of feminism
  • intersectional approaches to feminism and life in general
  • having some fun. No, really! This site is intended to be interesting and enjoyable, a place where the writers that make up Team BR can talk about what they find interesting.

One of our core aims is to Not Leave It At A Rant: if we don’t like something, we’ll try to suggest something else to read/watch/buy/advocate/shout about/hope for/do. This isn’t always possible all the time, because systematic gender inequality, quite frankly, is not exactly cause for frolicking sweetness and light round the clock, but we give it our best shot.

We hope that this’ll help, you, the reader, discover more stuff you might enjoy or positive actions you can take, and if this whole feminism-bad-rep thing’s getting you down a bit, remember that it’s not all bad. Aside from that, we have few ‘party lines’ and may even disagree on many things!

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