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BadRep Towers is home to quite a few people – we are a close-knit team, and we can still fit round a large table in the pub, but we’ve expanded to roughly double the size we were when we started. (We absorb awesome people. Like a really energetic sponge. But not like the Borg. That would be a PR fail for feminism.)



Core Team

Miranda (editor)

Miranda started BadRep up in the summer of 2010 after taking refuge from the heatwave in the local pub, running into some future team members and excitedly blurting about blogs at them from somewhere under her fringe. Happily, everyone she pestered was interested. She is fond of boxing, Joan Jett, spending too much of her salary on music, and the overuse of her caps lock key.

Sarah Jackson (assistant editor)

The First Mate of the Bad Ship Reputation, Sarah J is a shameless introvert cursed with an interest in people. Aged nine, she took on a school bully and was awarded a medal (a 10p piece sellotaped to a bit of string) by her classmates. She’s never looked back in the fight for what’s right, and now works in charity communications making the world a better place one email at a time. She’s on a lifelong quest for genderjustice, and enjoys writing about robots, the uncanny, indiepop, comics, cities, forests, and fairytales.

Hannah Chutzpah

Hannah is a writer/performance poet who runs the Whippersnapper Press, a web-publishing site for short, innovative and funny creative writing. She seeks out interesting, left-leaning, smartass company like a heat-seeking missile and dips her toes into various ponds, including comedy, activism, and being a zombie. Her turn-ons include moss, handicrafts and bohemian clichés.

EB Snare

Eb Snare is a full time writer who also writes freelance, makes and sells her own jewellery, drinks, smokes and listens almost exclusively to 80s electropop music. She completed her Masters in 2011, with a dissertation on fashion blogging as a contemporary labour form that included some sweet diagrams. Her blog, The Magic Square Foundation, covers fashion, culture and general life, or you can talk to her on Twitter: @ebsnare.


Hodge is a tea-drinking Cure fan with tangled hair and a penchant for long words, who may also have been a damn fine cat in a previous life. Among other fine accomplishments, she wrote and illustrated The Alphabet of Feminism, bringing a touch of lexical class to our motley ranks.

Jem Bloomfield

Jem is an academic who works on theatre and performance. A longtime BadRep reader, he’s very excited to be on the other side of the line, and the references to gin and tea in the other team bios make him feel very at home. Four years working on The Duchess of Malfi has given him a taste for writing about other things, so he blogs on culture, politics and gender at Quite Irregular.


Markgraf is a strange, twisted little chap who lives on a diet of roleplaying games and celluloid. He collects esoterically-named perfumes, loose-leaf teas and trousers, and enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sunset, as long as the beach contains at least three Leviathans and the sunset EXPLODES.


MiaVee is not well-versed in the art of pithy, humorous biography. Mid twenties, half Welsh, half Italian, all Yorkshire and currently dwelling in the NW London outlands, the Mia can be identified by the constant stream of ABBA music that follows her everywhere. Subjects dear to Mia’s heart are mental illness, queerness, videogames, body positivity, SCIENCE (both Aperture and regular), fangirling and keeping all the lovely little birdies in her back garden fed. She is at least fifteen years too old to love My Little Pony as much as she does. When not videogaming she enters a trance-like state in order to absorb horror and comedy entertainment by osmosis. Her favourite colour is glitter.


Rai is our main gaming correspondent – running our Gamer Diary feature among other kickass stuff – and at the tender age of 24 has been gaming for 16 years and writing for 11 – perfect combo! Rai spends considerable time undertaking culinary experiments, wishing for the ability to paint and trying to raise awareness of mental health issues. When not at BadRep, Rai talks to the internet over at The Talking Automaton.

Rei Hab

Not to be confused with Rai (above), Rei is a small but strident university student who is from London but primarily based in Cambridgeshire, except for when she lives in Japan. She is reluctantly obsessed with romance novels, and is starting to think that it is they who are addicted to her – for more on that, check out her series Hopeless Reimantic. She also likes general reading, general writing, martial arts and acting in pantomimes. In her spare time, she tries to come up with things to do in her spare time. She is often spotted hanging around the tea-and-coffee-making facilities, looking impatient.

Rhian E Jones

Rhian is a neo-bluestocking escapee of the south Welsh valleys. When not scraping a living selling books in Soho, she writes on music, history, politics and the places where they intersect. Her own blog can be found at Velvet Coalmine.

Sarah Cook

Sarah C is a theatre practitioner and events manager with a background in english literature, feminist theory, corporate marketing and IT. If that hasn’t put you off, she’s also northern and a comic-reading, dice-rolling nerd. She wishes this bio sounded less like a lonely hearts column, but either way she is very fond of gin. She is also the coordinating captain of our Found Feminism feature.

Stephen B

Stephen is a white mid-thirties cis male, and is therefore the natural choice to blog about feminism.

He hopes you’ll be gentle.


Vik is a perpetually exasperated charity worker (and petrolhead), saving the world (and building engines) one blog post at a time.


Dave describes himself as a feminist, sysadmin, freelance photographer, Rubyist, caffeine monster, CFS/ME sufferer, and unapologetic pervert. He also happens to enjoy pressing buttons on keyboards to make words come out. Sometimes, people like to read those words. When that happens, it makes him happy.

He blogs about nerdery, caffeine, politics, and both kinky and vanilla sex-positivism, on He also Tumbls (is that a verb now?) at You can yell at him on Twitter or, as @syn.


These guys don’t post regularly at the mo, but they’ve made a big contribution.


Jenni lived with Miranda a year or so ago. This was useful, because Miranda was able to steal all her comics on a regular basis. (A more difficult task was getting them back once stolen.) One of the original six people from the early days of BadRep Towers, Jen edits science fiction and fantasy novels for a living, and may lay claim to the title “she who first prodded Miranda into reading more feminist blogs in the first place”.

Rob Mulligan

Rob is obsessed with books, research, and learning new things. He usually inflicts his latest learning on anyone who’ll stand still long enough to listen. Among other things, he is chiefly responsible for the Unsung Heroes feature.