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Maybe security places too much emphasis on the second syllable of ‘wedlock’.

By: Pet Jeffery /2012/08/20/hopeless-reimantic-part-one-virginal-heroines/#comment-5003 Mon, 20 Aug 2012 23:22:06 +0000 In reply to Rei Hab.

Buying her security — I don’t know. Security is a long term, and not very sexy thing. Their relationship sounds very unequal, and I’d have thought unstable. Not that (as far as I know) I’ve ever met a millionaire. Perhaps impoverished heroines are what millionaires are looking for… someone with whom to share their millions unstintingly… Maybe I’m just an old cynic.

Also security makes me think ‘maximum security’, as in prisons.

By: Rei Hab /2012/08/20/hopeless-reimantic-part-one-virginal-heroines/#comment-4998 Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:14:52 +0000 In reply to Pet Jeffery.

Pet, the story is a fairly standard “impoverished heroine swept off her feet by millionaire” one – I assume what is bought is…her…

You know, that’s actually a very good question. He buys her…security? Maybe that’s the idea? I don’t know. I’m not sure the publishers thought the title through all the way.

(And the heroine is bought by a young, sexy man’s gold, because otherwise it wouldn’t be romantic.)

By: Pet Jeffery /2012/08/20/hopeless-reimantic-part-one-virginal-heroines/#comment-4989 Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:31:38 +0000 At risk of stating the obvious, I suppose that the high value placed on virginity stems from the fact that, before modern paternity tests, the only way in which a man could be certain that he was the father of a child was if the mother had never had sex with anyone else. (Given how easy it is to determine the mother of a child, it would have made a lot more sense for titles and property to descend through the female line. Patriarchy made a rod for its own back.)

A bizarre and unpleasant example of valuing virginity comes to mind. An ex-partner’s uncle owned a pedigree bitch who conceived a litter of non-pedigree puppies. There’s nothing remarkable about that, except that — my ex-partner told me — the uncle had the poor creature put down, in the strange belief that sex with a non-pedigree animal ‘spoilt’ a pedigree bitch.

By: Pet Jeffery /2012/08/20/hopeless-reimantic-part-one-virginal-heroines/#comment-4985 Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:16:11 +0000 I think I’d prefer not to read ‘Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant’, but wonder what (or who?) is bought. I’m put in mind of ‘A Bird in a Gilded Cage’:

And her beauty was sold,
For an old man’s gold,

Bought and sold are, after all, the same transaction viewed from different perspectives. I assume that the beauty of the ‘Bought: Destitute Yet Defiant’ heroine was not bought by an old man’s gold.